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Sociology 2233
Brendan Murphy

Methods of inquiry 1) Observation methods a) Unobtrusive Measures - Unaware of their actions being observed (ex. Car count) b) Non-Participant Observation - Ex “tea rooms” – washrooms in public parks - Ask anna aboot this c) Participant Observation - People now you are participating; uninconspicuous - Concluded weight watchers = not about dieting; key mechanism = social support d) Archival Observations - Ex. Photo studies of an earlier era on how children were dressed e) Interjudge Reliability  checking biases - Comparing with others (results) 2) Correlation Methods - Cannot establish causal methods a) Case studies - Attempt to retrieve information; finding correlating factors b) Survey Method - Gathering information on correlations in large samples c) Field Studies - Another type of correlational method - Outside of the lab - Ex car/horn study d) Archival Approach - Ask Anna e) Correlation vs Causation - Cannot determine causal methods without experimental methods Experimental Methods A) The Laboratory Experiment 1) Design and Causality - Design must be perfected or the study is flawed and therefore causuality is not legitimate 2) Randomization - Representative sample 3) Internal/External Validity - Accuracy of measuring what is intended correctly - Is it valid outside of experimental walls 4) The Uses of Deception - Ethical considerations may allow justifications 5) Mundane and Psychological Realism -
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