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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Charles Levine

Kohlberg stage 6 – if you want to understand in terms of operations of moral reasoning - if Kohlberg is right, then from stage 1-5, the mind is trying to organize the relationships among those operations; stage 6 – operations are totally organized - understands relationship between equality and equity; all people should be treated the same because they are different - understands that the difference that people demonstrate needs to be carefully understood in order to treat them the same – qualification  you don’t treat people the same, you treat them fairly and in order to treat them fairly, you must understand who they are - however, you cannot understand who they are by simply thinking about who they are – you cannot do this monologically (by yourself), you can only do it diologically (by speaking with them) - they can think about their own needs, speak about them and they can listen to the negotiation, the V of P is that persons are most fundamentally animals that think, speak and listen - respect has to mean a principle of dialogue - if stage 6 moral reasoning is about conversation – then mature moral reasoning doesn’t insist on the right answer – people may not agree - if mutual respect but disagreement  then social solidarity still stands - you must respect and hear the other as a speaker  because you realize that you can’t make sense without hearing what the other says - we need the other to make sense/try to make sense - maintains solidarity - combines is and ought Erikson - can and ought - the correlation between the two have to be perfectly correlated - if Erikson’s last stage = integrity, then whatever integrity is, in its mature proper form has to include sta
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