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Sociology 2234E
Charles Levine

Social Psychology – Jan 30 th Meaning and meaningfulness - the difference between the two – what is meaningful has to do with identity and self-concept, meaning is a more general concept 8 Stage Process - accumulated – successful resolution of each phase – a virtue; your ego strength is increasing o if you are developing up the diagonal and you ponder the idea of love at 6 – you will be able to sense all the preceding virtues - transformative – from any phase all the critical meanings you are aware of – they have likely been transformed Integrity vs. Despair - related to age; not totally determined by this - despair – lack of hope; hope – desire for a specific outcome - How does hope get transformed? o hope leads to faith  belief about making sense - if you have faith at the integrity stage, it’s about giving yourself up to the process of meaningful - you care about your meanings/meaningfulness – you want your life to make sense - integrity is going to have to include the positive realization of faith – but instead of calling it faith – he calls it wisdom - if wisdom is the virtue then it has transformed from the 7 preceding – you have to be able to deconstruct it into the preceding 7 virtues - gaining it is a psychosocial crisis – the last task of life - to understand you have to deal with 2 ideas: o life review  people go through the process of reconstructing their biographies – because they need to convince themselves that life has made sense and that it can continue to make sense and has had value – that it has been worthwhile and that it can continue to be worthwhile  you don’t solve this –  integrity is the force (psychosocial virtue) that enables one to deal with despair with wisdom  life review involves you reviewing your social identity and your personal identity schemas  Who was I, what did I do, did I do it meaningfully, etc.  trying to load up the bads and the goods, trying to decide whether your life was worthwhile  me
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