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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Understanding and construcing social order.docx

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Sociology 2234E
Lesley Harman

Understanding and Constructing Social Order Review: C Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination - The ability to understand how society influences an individuals situation and ideally this information would allow one to change his or her situation Fundamental Attribution Error - When people explain individual outcomes by thinking of an individual’s disposition as causing an outcome rather than considering the social situation that impacts a person. - Contribute inside factors to a situation rather than outside factors. - For Example someone failed a test because they were stupid or unorganized. Not because the test was hard or they stayed up all night with their sick child. Another Example We can view people on welfare as: a) People who don’t want to work (Dispositional attribution – about their disposition as a person) b) As a lack of labor market dynamics (no jobs) or a lack of child care (Situational Attribution) Social Psychology – connects the self at the micro level to society at the macro level Study of how the individual is shaped by society. Sociologists like Goffman often look at society through a very small frame. C Wright Mills 1916-1962 - Wrote the Sociological Imagination – the cover of it was shown in class and it depicts how the individual is like a puzzle piece and society is the larger puzzle. - Mills was a Professor at Colombia University - Best Known for the Sociological Imagination (1959) - He wanted people to develop their own sociological imaginations. The Sociological Imagination: The Promise “Enables its possessor to understand the large historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals” - Allows people to look beyond the individual - Allows them to look at the sel
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