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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Lesley Harman

Death and Dying Crucial Conversations at the end of life: -A study done by Social Workers recently presented at the University. The study took a look at the different types of conversations individuals had with their loved ones/ family members. They discovered that conversations could be helpful to both the individual dying and those left behind AND conversations could also be harmful – especially if no conversation occurred. Conversations as pragmatic - Attention to end of life details such as funeral arrangements. - May discuss the division of assets and belongings - May discuss options for end of life care. Perhaps they wish to die at home instead of in a hospital. - Some people may wish to research alternative medicine options as a last hope. Conversation as Permission Giving - Permission may be given to the individual to die. “You don’t have to hold on anymore”, “Its okay to die” - Permission may be given to the survivors to continue living. “Its okay to live your life and move on”. This type of conversation often lets the other person move on after and move past feelings of guilt Conversations as Privileged Communication - often conversations for those who do not usually have meaningful talks Conversation to strengthen/heal/ repair self - clear up any unfinished business - clear up regrets/ forgive Conversations that continue to enforce old conflicts - not all conversations are good. Sometimes last messages are about perceived wrong doing. Saying Goodbye/Not Saying Goodbye - Sometimes people choose to say things like “see you on the other side” No Conversation - Usually leaves people with regret Death Identity does not last forever Reading: Five top regrets that people have at the end of their lives 1) I wish I
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