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Unit 3: Theory and Method in Social Psychology

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 3 Theory and Method in Social Psychology Part I I The Role of Theory A Theory vs Models y Model is still a theory but is not as far up the hierarchy as a theory would be B The Behaviourist Perspective y Rewards vs punishmentsC The Cognitive Perspective y Dealing with thoughts preceding emotions and behaviour D The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective y Subset of the cognitive perspective y Also a cognitive perspectivemore sociological than psychological y People interact with each other using symbolic discourselanguage body language etc y Learning through interactions with othersII Measurement Issues in Empirical ResearchA Direct Measurements vs Hypothetical Constructs y Direct measurements all independent variablesextremely important part of the studies we do no ambiguity y However there are lots of concepts which arent as directly measurable but that needed to be included in our studied because they are also important class level of happiness success etc y We all know intelligence exists but not in
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