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Unit 4 Part 1: Methods of Inquiry

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Methods of InquiryPart IObservation Methods I A Unobtrusive Measures y Participants are unaware they are being observed ex videotaping B NonParticipant Observation eg Laud Humphreys Tea Room Trade y Gave Humphrey the opportunity to play a role watch queen etc y Participating but only at on level not fully engagedy No one else involved was aware he was participatingpretendingC Participant Observation eg Alex Himelfarbs Eight Watchers study y Was made aware that he was doing a study y Observed and participatedy Found that any of these weight watching group is not really about dieting more about social supporty Not just accountable to yourself but also to your grouppressures created by others D Archival Observations eg photo studies of an earlier era on how children were dressed y Children between 06 tended to have childlike clothing designed for playing not working y By 67 childrens clothing tends to switch to adultlike clothingthe same clothing as their parents y In conjunction with written evidence she concluded that children cease to be children around 67you were then a small adulthad adult responsibilities chores etc y No reference at any point to the concept of teenagersdid not exist before the 1950s E Interjudge Reliabilitychecking our biases y Have to develop some kind of schema to make sure observations are conducted
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