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Unit 4 Part 2: Methods of Inquiry II

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Methods of InquiryPart IIExperimental Methods I A Laboratory experiment 1 Design and causality y Design needs to stand up for causality2 Randomization yMaking sure group studied is randomly assigned 3 Internal and external validity y External does it have validity outside of the experiment y Internal are the results of the study valid 4 The use of deception y Hiding the true aim of the experiment from the subject until end of study y Can be justified with informed consent debriefing etc 5 Mundane and psychological realism y Mundane reactions to real life situations y Psychological you conscious vs subconscious reactionmental processes in unusual situations ex Milgrams study 6 Experimenter effects y The effects the experimenter has on the subjectsstudy y Experimenter tries to not influence the study in any way 7 Subject effects demand characteristics y The things that the subject brings to the experiments ex previous knowledge of the experiment purposely trying to mess up the experiment B The field experimenty Experiments conducting in the real worlddont have the control over the conditions like you would i
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