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Unit 5 Part 1: Social Cognition I

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 5Social Cognition I Automatic Thinking about the Social WorldA Styles of thinking cognition how we navigate through our thought processes in the social world 1 Automatic effortless thinking y The largest amount of the thinking that we do y Many of our behavioursactions we engage in are ones that dont require much thinking y Routineswalking etc auto pilot 2 Controlled deliberative thinking y Having to actually think about what we are saying doing etcB The tools of automatic thinking I Schemas 1 Schemas What are they And why do we have them y The framework of already prebundled information about other people ourselves inanimate things etc y Have schemas about lots of thingsa kind of trying to allow ourselves to get through the world which is loaded with tones of information and allows us to get through this world in the easiest way possible y We have schemas because no one can possibly process all of the information in the world that is available to ususing these schemas to get through everyday lifeshortcuts that enable us to jump to an understanding in a quick and usually efficient way 2 Stereotypes schemas applied to members of a social group y Can be positive or negative 3 Schemas as a guide to memory a Accessibility the extent to which schemas are at the forefront of our mind based on enduring conditions b Priming the process whereby recent experiences increases accessibility y More likely to associ
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