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Unit 5 Part 2: Social Cognition II

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Social Cognition II Controlled Thinking in the Social WorldA What is controlled thinking Small percentage of our thinkingdeliberate 1 Personal Decisions y Used to weigh your optionsmake decisionschoosing a university etc 2 Advertising y Enemy of controlled thinking y Try to appeal to the automatic thinking peripheral route of persuasion not appealing to the core of the brain that is rationally calculating pros and cons rather appealing to our emotions 3 Critical evaluation y Putting aside biases and look more critically about what is being said y Ability to problem solve comes through critical thinking skills B Gilberts Theory of Automatic Believing Step 1 We initially accept information seeing is believing y Tend to initially accept any information given to usstart our knowledge acquisition in automatic modeStep 2 We assess the truthfulness or validity of the informationStep 3 We then accept or reject the original claim or informationC Thought Suppression and Ironic Processing 1 Avoiding unpleasant thoughts y Ironic processing we process information we are told to ignore y Most of us have moments that wed
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