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Unit 6 Part 1: Non-Verbal Communication

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 6 Part 1 NonVerbal CommunicationADefining NonVerbal Communication any communication that we use our body for excluding verbal components words 1 Encoding and decodingsty Everyone is bilingualbody language is our 1 languagey Expressing emotions 7 words 38 tone of voice 55 body gestures y A lot of information encoded within nonverbal communication y Has the ability to translate across cultures somewhat y Sending encoding and receiving decoding messagesa lot of interpretation involvedsometimes we get it wrong 2 Display rulesy The kinds of rules that are culturally bounddeal with the issues of emotions and the way we can display emotion in our culture 3 Emblemscultural variation y Emblems gestureswe end up having a vocabulary of gestures that have signified meanings waving etc y Differ between cultures head shaking for yesno etcB Abilities of nonverbal communication 1 It can intensify a verbal message y Tone of voice etc 2 It can deintensify a verbal messagey Ex using nice language when you have to say something negative3 It can mask a verbal messagey Covering upone message used in attempt
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