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Unit 6 Part 2: Verbal Communication

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 6 Part 2 Verbal Communication A Language and Cognition 1 The Critical Period in language acquisition y Already know hundreds of word that can be combined into complicated sentences before the age of 4 y Learning how to talk is more complicated than learning wordshave to learn grammar key to language y Acquisition can happen at a fast speedy Motherese now called caregiver languagewhether it helps children learn language o Doesnt actually have effect on language o Only learning from the language that surrounds them o Adults not teaching children how to talk like once thought y Noam Chomsky father of linguistics o We are born with special circuits in our braininborn o Innate language organ allows us to employ complex rules of grammar without knowing we are doing it o The existence of the language organ is the only logical explanation for learning languageo The brain is a very complex system that has many different componentsone is a language organ o Rules of grammar holds the key to understanding how the brain understands languageallows formation of structureo Language also has a lexicon set of wordsall languages on earth are the same even though spoken in different languageslanguage is universalVariation is only superficial only one human language Differences are small variations in building blocks y Languagegrammar not words when referred by linguistsy Some linguistics dont believe language is innate Elizabeth Bates
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