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Unit 7: Attribution

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 7 AttributionA Understanding attribution 1 Attribute noun and attribute verb y Noun characteristic someone has y Verb process of making an attribution 2 Whats in a name yAssociate a less used name as being more uniquespecial 3 The process of attributionexplaining to oneself or others the causes of behaviour others or ones own 4 Internal personality versus external situational y We tend to make internal attributions in reference to ourselves when we do well and external attributions when we do poorly y Fundamental attribution error our tendency in society is to make internal attributions over external attributionstend to put more emphasis on personality than situation y The opposite is truesituation is more important that personality even though personality is also importantB Implicit Personality Theory y Making attributions by stretching available information to group various kinds of personality traitsallpeople aretogethery Ex helpful people are sincere practical people are cautious beautiful people are goody The beauty bias tend to give the benefit of the doubt to those who are considered attractive y University students are more attractive than the general populationget more attention throughout your whole life therefore developin
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