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Unit 12: The Social Psychology of Persuasion

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 12 The Social Psychology of Persuasiony Attitudes dont always introduce behaviourneed motivation y The motivation to appear unbiased will override the attitude of biasbehaving in an unbiased way y Motivationsmotives are important y Persuasive communication advocating only one side of an argumenty Using persuasion to change someones attitudeopinion about something ndA The ElaborationLikelihood Model 2 y 2 ways persuasive communication can cause attitude change o Central route people are motivated to pay attention to the arguments in the communicationMotivatedlooking for logical messagesBest way to persuade them is to use logical arguments and facts o Peripheral routepeople only notice the surface characteristics of the message credibility attractiveness etcMotivated by physical features of messageBest way to persuade use an expertappealing person short message etcNot engaged in the argument only looking at surface characteristicsy People who process information carefully and base their attitudes on a careful analysis of the arguments are more likely to maintain this attitude over time behave consistently with this attitude and are more resistant to persuasionstB The Yale Model of Persuasion 1 y Trying to find out the ways to persuade peopleThe communicator The Source y People who are credible trustworthy attractive etc are more likely to be persuasive a Credibility and trustworthiness of the communicator b Attractiveness of the communicatoryc Similarity of the communicatory Similarity to ones self y Ads with regular everyday people trying to sell us something d The sleeper effect y Persuasive message paired with a discounting cue y Paired so it causes the individual to thin more about the message over time y Paired with disclaimers etcThe communication The Message a Logical vs emotional appealsy Cognitively based attitudes changedpersuaded through logical argumentsex energy efficient products
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