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Unit 20 - aggression

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Chapter 11 Aggression AntiSocial BehaviourWhat is AggressionAggression is intentional behaviour aimed at causing either physical r psychological pain o Hostile aggression is an act of aggression stemming from feelings of anger and aimed at inflicting pain o Instrumental aggression is aggression used as a means to some goal other than causing pain such as checking a player into the boards in hockey to come out with the puckAggression vs Assertiveness o Often people who think theyre acting assertively are really acting aggressively o Assertiveness is being firm but polite Its a mindset that says I want to win but Im not going to walk over you to do itIm going to respect youo Aggressiveness is firm but impoliteThe aggressive person says Im going to win and I dont care if you get what you want Why do we Aggress Is aggression inborn or learned o Sigmund Freud 1930 theorized that human beings are born withAn instinct towards life called ErosA death or aggressive energy called Thanatos o According to Freud aggressive energy must come out somehow or it will continue to build up and produce illnessIs aggression an instinct o Evolutionary psychologistsmen are genetically programmed to be aggressive so that women will choose them for their superior genes and it can ensure their paternity o Aggressiveness has evolved and been maintained because it has survival value o Yet nearly all organisms seem to have evolved strong inhibitory mechanisms enabling them to suppress aggressionOther theories o Drive theories attribute aggression to an impulse created by an innate needAggression is a result of the buildup of psychological frustration It is a response to the frustration prevention of some goaldirected behaviour by an outside source These goals include basic needs like food water sleep sex love and recognition o Cognitive association people will naturally try to understand their environment to make decisionsOur reaction to external stimuli causes frustration which leads to anger and may lead to aggressionOther factors including feelings behaviour interpretation of events and personal beliefs influence how we react to a situationWe can become angry and aggressiveWe can become angry control it and move on Explanations for AggressionAggressiveness across cultures
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