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Unit 17 - Prejudice

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 17 PrejudicePrejudice A Ubiquitous Social PhenomenonPrejudice is widespread affecting all of usmajority group embers as well as minoritiesNationality gender sexual preference religion age and even profession or hobbies can leave us vulnerable to prejudicePrejudice Stereotyping and Discrimination DefinedPrejudice is a hostile or negative attitude made up of 3 components o An affectiveemotional component representing the type of emotion linked with the attitude eg anger warmth o A cognitive component involving the beliefs or thoughts that make up the attitude o A behavioural component relating to ones actionsPrejudice The Affective ComponentRefers to a general attitude structure and its affective emotional component o Can involve either positive or negative affect o Usually is a hostile or negative attitudeToward a distinguishable group of peopleBased solely on their membership in that groupStereotypes The Cognitive ComponentA stereotype is a generalization about a group of peopleIdentical characteristics are assigned to virtually all members of the group regardless of actual variation among the members Discrimination The Behavioural ComponentDiscrimination is the behavioural component of prejudice Includes unjustified negative or harmful action towards a member of a group simply because of the persons membership in the groupTypes of Prejudice and DiscriminationEthnocentrism o A general belief that your ethnic group is superior to al other ethnic groups o Membership in the ethnic group is a primary criterion inThe formation of relationships with othersIn evaluating or making judgments concerning other individualsInstitutional and systemic discrimination o Consists of patterns of behaviour policies or practices that are part of the scial and administrative structures of an organization which create or perpetuate a position of relative disadvantage for some o Ex women whoa re have been or may become pregnant o They may appear neutral on the surface but nevertheless have an exclusionary impactReverse discrimination o The practice of favouring a historically disadvantages group at the expense of members of a historically advantages groupTokenism o The practice or policy of making no more than a token effort or gesture in offering opportunities to minorities
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