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Unit 19 - Falling out of Love

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Brendan Murphy

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Unit 19 Falling out of LoveRecap LoveHow do we decide whom to love o Propinquitymere exposure effect o Similarity o Reciprocal liking o Physical attraction o Affect o Affiliation Why do we love o Evolutionary explanation genetic fitness o Attachment styles childhood interactionsHow do we maintain love o These theories can help us explain why relationships endSocial exchange theory Equity theory balance between costs and benefitsThe Social Construction of Marriage BergerKellnerWhat does nomosbuilding mean o Marriage is a social agreement that creates order for our experiences so they can make sense o Now going to form a new reality for themselvesgoing from separate individuals into a couple o Long term relationships are validating and reinforcing your couplenesso The social relation that you have make you interdependent on each other o Redefinition of yourselfnow integrated with the other person as a coupleThe coming together of strangers o Refers to 2 individuals with distinct biographies and different areas of conversation coming together in marriage as they have shared definition of marriageThe private sphere o An area of individual choice and autonomy o Relationships of the family occupy a central position the central relationship being maritalThe public sphere o Public institutions such as economic and political onesMarriage as conversation and validation o All significant conversation is now centered around relationships o Validating the couplednessusing us and we rather than I or theyThe social construction of marriage o In our society marriagefamily constitutes its own segregated subworld with its own closed conversationso Dont need to validate the relationship to other people jus to your partner o Marriage is a contract you enter intoObjectivationEvery social relationship requires objectivationA process by which subjectively experienced meanings become objective to the individual and through interaction with others become massively objectiveDegree of objectivation depends on number and intensity of social relationshipsReorienting other significant relationships nomic rupture o From the beginning of the marriage each person has new modes of meaningful experiences of other people and himherself
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