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Unit 13- Conformity

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 13 Conformity Under what conditions and for what reason are we likely to fall under the influence of othersAs social psychologists we are interested in why people conformConformity is a change in behaviour as a result of the real or imagined influence of other peopleThere are 2 main reasons why people conform o Informational social influenceo Normative social influenceWhat we conform toa Culture subculturevalues b Norms prescriptiveproscriptive c Folkways moreslaws d Fashions and fad Why do we conform a Informational Social Influence the need to be righto Conforming because we think others interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more correct than our owninformation on how we should behavea Situations of ambiguity We simply dont know enough to make a goodaccurate choiceSo we may ask others what they think or watch what they doThe influence of others leads us to conform because we see them as a source of informationThe more uncertain you are the more you are going to rely on other people b Situations of crisisWhen we believe that we are in a crisis situation w are more likely to conformIn this situation panic and the need to act quickly leads us to conform with othersThe rapid transmission of emotions or behaviour through a crowdcontagiono If certain people behave in a way that arouses others fears we are more lively to behave in that way as well c The presence of experts The more knowledge a person has the more valuable he or she will be as a guise in ambiguous or crisis situationsHowever experts are not always reliable sources of information d Private acceptance and public compliancePrivate acceptance conforming to others behaviour out of a genuine belief that what they are doing or saying is correctPublic compliance conforming to others behaviour publicly without necessarily believing in what they are doingsaying ex bullyingMore likely to conform to the group when we believe the choice is importantWhen we face an important decision we are more likely to rely on other people for information to guide usmay not believe what you are doingsaying is right but you want to go along with that the group says so you are not rejected from the groupProblems o Using other people a s a source of information can backfire o If they are misinformed then we too will adopt their mistakes and misinterpretations o Ex psychogenic illnessthe occurrence of similar psychical symptoms when
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