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Unit 15 - The Nature of Groups

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

The Nature of Groups LeadershipDecision MakingWhat is a GroupA group is a collection of 2 or more people who o Are interdependent o Interact with each other o Have needs and goals that cause them to reply on each otherWhy do People Join GroupsForming relationships fulfills a number of basic human needsThere may be an innate need to belong to social groupsGroups become an important part of peoples identity o Helps define who we arebeneficial to usTypes of Groups 1 Simmels categoriesdyads triads Dyada 2 person group o Members are able to retain their individuality o Dependent on each member equallyTriada 3 person group o Likely to develop a group structure independent of the individuals in it o The third person seen as intruder to the dyad o Likely to have situations were there is an odd man out 2 CooleyPrimary and Secondary groups Primary groups small social groups whose members share close long lasting relationships o Play an important role in identity formation o Ex family close friends 3 Formal Task groups Groups set up to undertake duties in the pursuit of goalsThey are created to fulfill specific goals or undertake specific tasksThey have definite structures with prescribed leadership and established rules processes and rolesThey tend to be permanent4 Non social groups and social groupsNon social group simply being in the same place at the same time as othersSocial group form to accomplish a goal o Not there for social purpose but just being there makes you part of a groupThe Composition and Functions of GroupsSocial norms specify how all group members should behaveSocial roles are shared expectations about how particular people are supposed to behave o Personal identity can get lost in terms of your social role o If you act inconsistently in terms of the roles you are expected to then it can lead to negative reactionsGender roles role expectations based on ones gender o Ex women are still expected to maintain traditional roles of childrearer and household manager even though many are also working fulltime outside the homeGroup cohesiveness qualities that bing members together and promote liking between members o The more cohesive a group is the more its members are likely toStay in the groupTake part in group acitivities
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