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Unit 21 - Prosocial Behaviour

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Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 21 ProSocial Behaviour Prosocial behaviour is any act performed with the foal of benefiting another personAltruism is the desire to help another person even if it involves a cost to the helperWhy do People HelpEvolutionary psychology suggests that prosocial behaviour occurs because of o Kin selection behaviour that helps a genetic relative is favoured by natural selction o Norm of reciprocity the expectations that helping others will increase the likelihood that they will help us in the futureSocial exchange theory argues that altruistic behaviour o Can be based on selfinterest o Stems from the desire to maximize our outcomes and minimize our costsEmpathy and altruism o Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another person experiencing event sand emotions the way that person experiences them o The empathyaltruism hypothesis suggests that if a person feels empathy towards another person the person will help herhim when help is needed regardless of what the person has to gainPersonal Determinants of ProSocial Behaviour Why do Some People Help More Than OthersAltruistic personality aspects of a person that are said to make him or her likely to help others in a variety of situations o Higher empathy component to personality o Greater
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