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Western University
Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

10/9/2012 12:29:00 PM Lecture 3 Defining Family 1) Personally o Want to have our relationships recognized, not seen as part of or less then o Eg. Same sex relationships, single parents 2) Legally o Certain rights and legalities that come with being considered a family o Step-Parents: obligations, signing forms etc o Benefit sharing Sociological Definitions ** know names, exam: which type of family is _____  Murdock 1949 – corner stone of family o “a family is a social group characterized by a common residence, economic co-operation, reproduction, and have 1 or more children” o Socially approved sexual relationship (basically marriage) o Not a family: Single parents, those not having sex, who don’t have kids, LATs, commuter(live separately, own style/stuff)  Stephens 1963 o “social group/arrangement based on marriage, recognition of rights and duties of parents(reproduction/kids required), economic obligations btwn husband and wife, common residence”  Coser 1974 o Finds origin in marriage, husband/wife/children (marriage/reproduction), group united by moral/legal/economic/religious and social rights/obligations”  Eichler 1983 o Soc group, may or may not contain opposite sex partners, may or may not have 1 or more children, may or may not share a common residence etc. o Basically all inclusive – too broad  Vanier Institute of the Family 2006 o Mutual consent (identify yourself as being a family member of the other person), can be born in, adopted etc, assume responsibilities of physical maintenance and care of members of the group, new members welcomed in, responsible for socialization of those members and social control, production/consumption/distribution, love Video  debate about what family is  Jim Sclater – focus on family Canada o Traditional, functionalist approach o Tragic theres so many single parent familys, and that same sex want family status  Margret eichler – feminist sociologist o If you consider someone family then they are family o Group home, frat/soro, nursing home etc.  Robert Glossup – Vanier institute of the family o What we need is definition’S’ – determine why we are defining them and then find one that works o Broader for who can visit who in the hospital, less broad for those who can get benefits Legal Definitions – status canada  Census Family 1996 o A married/co-habiting couple or lone parent of any marital status, with or without never married sons/daughters of either or both spouses, loving in the same dwelling o 2001 Amendments – common law1 couple can be same sex, children can be grandchildren if parents not present o 2006 Amendments – children can be any age/marital status as long as their spouse/children not living in dwelling  Economic Family 1992 o Co-residence and related to each other  Household o One/many unrelated/related individuals living together o Can contain just one family or many families or no families o Families can be spread of many households  Fictive Kin – no relationship to you but they take place of your kin Historical Look at Family **exam: suggest we make a chart of H/G 1700, Indust an
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