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Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

Oct. 23 -Perspectives on how theorists think of families in present day -Short answer -Compare one type of family to another -Won’t ask same question twice in different format Ex. Define polygamy in short answer if multiple question gives 4 definitions -50/50 lecture and text -HSB -11 and 236 Effects of Economic Changes & Inequalities -Canada: most hate literature, racism produced in Canada -Not doing very well in how we treat poor people -Surveys show about ½ who are homeless are working -About 30,000-40,000 homeless in Toronto -27 homeless found dead in last half year Poverty in Canada -Official poverty line -Minimum amt required fro living at subsistence level -Low-income cutoff (LICO) -Income level where family spends 55% on basic necessities of life Ex. Food, shelter, clothing -Absolute poverty -What you need to get the most basic necessities of life -Need $2000 in cash to live -Relative poverty -Defiency in materials and economic resources compared to the population you are a part of, what you need to be fitting in with everyone else -Cannot enjoy comfortable standard of living -Objective vs subjective poverty -How ppl feel Causes of poverty (Surveys-Opinions) -Government policies have caused some people to be poor -Most people are poor because of unequal oppo
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