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Sociology 2239
Haroon Akram Lodhi

th September 8 We live in a world with affluence and deprivation – they are connected. (Cell phones for instance. The founders aren’t wealthy just through the terms and conditions. Phones have Colton, probably from Congo – cell phone providers get rich off war. Objectives: gain appreciation for problems because things can change for the better; become familiar with the main issues & debates because for things to change, you have to understand them; gain an understanding of the key players and actions Fall; introduce key debates (colonialism, decolonization, creation of independent nation-states); review key economic issues; reflect on development institutions meant to address inequality. Participate in class (10%) [My learning, seminars, etc]; Academic Integrity Module (0%); Complete a writing assignment (25%) [Due in November – around a book]; Do a midterm (25%) nd [2 last week of October]; end of term examination (40%). Marks drop in university because marking is different. Winter; review social and political issues (conflict, environment, gender, health); case study of Thailand; st reflect on what “development” in the 21 century. Tips; keep up with reading; develop time management skills, set priorities, pay attention to deadlines; take clear, concise notes (of lectures & readings). Use the academic Skills Center for research; writing – academic writing, grammar, footnotes & citations, references; save work & back up; never plagiarize. Bookmark the Trent academic calendar Books; Introduction to International Development: Approaches, Issues & Actors – Paul Haslam, Jessica Schafer and Pierre Beaudot (2009); Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe; (Next Term) Phongpaichit,Pasuk & Baker, Chris (1998) Thailand’s Boom and Bust Assignments; Hand in directly or give to the IDS office. Extensions; medical (signed note – show prof); personal (tell senior tutor – they request); as far in advance as possible (very unlikely to get an extension after the due date) Deadline; 10%/day (incl. weekends) Questions; email (less preferred) or discussion board on myTrent Int’l development studies For the poor, it’s about the struggle for something better. Oxford definition: gradual unfolding, fuller working out…; growth… full-grown state; stage of advancement. 1. A condition: a set of characteristics that are deemed superior… therefore, lacking is inferior 2. Developed characteristics are superior, the absence of which implies un- or under-developed – but who sets the values that judge one to be better? 3. Consider: is living in a slum an inferior condition? In Rwanda, a good apartment is $15000 a month. So the wealthy can still live in slums 2. As progress: moving towards higher and continual levels of improvement, perhaps without limit - a set of process natural (?) leading towards a goal - but defined by whom - by what means? 3. evolutionL from biology, moving towards the complete fulfillment of potential - immanent: spontaneious, unconscious process from within a society, which may require the destruction of the old to reach the new - also a set of process naturally (?) leading towards a goal -but defined by whom? - by what means? - so it’s inevitable that people will leave slums? Intentional: deliberate, co-ordinated efforts to achieve successively higher levels of a set of determined objectives -a moral imperative – but whose responsibility? Clearly what development and international development studies is contested. Alan Thomas has broken own the relationship between the ideas and history of development theory, policy, and practice into a set of distinctions that respresent a series of competing doctrines of development. 3 Doctrines of Development (= Objectives of Course) 1. Understanding -knowing about lives, livelihoods a
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