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Sociology 2239
Young- Hwa Hong

Power and class- this week: Marxist approach -class -a “messy concept” (many different views) -Marx fist to talk about patterned inequality -a progressive model -European model (not good for describing other cultures) -classes struggle -two emerging classes (Bourgeoisie and Proletariat) -Bourgeoisie own means of production and capital (have material basis) -Proletariat has no capital so they sell their labour -Proletariat overthrow Bourgeoisie (make equal Utopia) -mixed borders (lawyers, doctors, farmers now middle class- Weber) -without the other, Bourgeoisie and Proletariat can't exist 1-make categories to see how power operates among these classes 2-class to be understood as more as a dividing line 3-classes are made and sustained by people -interact in certain ways and with certain people based on class 4-having influence, ability to manipulate media 5-middle class supports Bourgeoisie but still sell their own labour -power -patterned and long lasting frames -power stems from economic control -power is everywhere, everything can be power (post-structuralists) 1-amount of economic resources equates to amount to economic control (more is more) -each class has different methods of controlling and manipulating 2-gov't can set up laws, regulations, and policies -lower class simply follow (can lobby and strike) -upper class manipulate (fund certain laws and dispute others) -upper class determine right and wrong in some situations -CIDA (Canada International DevelopmentAgency) -partnered with mining agencies, cover up exploitation by trying to help -money to fund CIDAis from taxes, private mining company profits from t
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