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Poverty and Neoliberal Welfare.odt

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Western University
Sociology 2239
Young- Hwa Hong

Poverty and Neoliberal Welfare -discourse -equal to knowledge and power -not an empty speech or language -produced through human action and thinking -ex. Media symbols -through interaction of people can create certain meanings/power/knowledge -affects/controls how we think and interact -ex. when you hear “mother” what do you think of (loving, caring, etc.) -if mothers didn't do such things (ex. Partying, going out late), do we call her mother? Do we make moral judgement? -we determine how mothers should act, we control them (patriarchal ideas) -power (knowledge) -power is exercised and produced through social discourses -through discourses one can analyze power -power is not coming from the top (Gov't), but rather from everywhere -power can't be separated from knowledge, and knowledge is discourse -because power operates through everyone, neo-liberalism operates powerfully -Neo-Liberalism th -goes against 19 century liberal views -philosophy that has reasoning from enlightenment period (european thought) -social welfare -good job/education/healthcare programs -should get rid of gov't intervention, money goes to private organizations -no welfare, private healthcare/firefighters/police/etc. -battle among individuals, work to get above (no such thing as society- Thatcher) -rich get richer -privatization cuts the poor off -economic position of Neo-Liberalism -dominant discourse -hear about investments but for who? -hear about tax cuts but for who? From what? -tax increase for working class -bourgeoisie pay less tax -Neo-liberal ethos and subjectivities -push to be able to enjoy freedom -mothers on welfare have freedom to go to school/work -autonomous individuals who support their own needs -should be able to compete against others so you don't rely on the state/welfare -you should initiate you own success, should not follow others -should become business man, become business owner/ bourgeoisie -good looking people do well, know how to take care of themselves -responsible for one's own earnings, not upon the state -wealth is idealized and associated with a good citizen (consume m
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