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Sociology 2239
Young- Hwa Hong

Housework and Unpaid Labour -Stalled revolution -idea that feminism movement is complete -current struggles are ignored -prevalence of second-shift for women -increasing number of women participate in paid workforce -less of feminism movement more of economic necessity -women have to work to survive, need a dual-income household -men still expect more household work from women -men are not doing more as more women work -no change is occurring -unpaid reproductive labour and its value -if work is not done you won't survive -women do more than men -sustains entire economy -it is not valued or appreciated regardless of its importance -it doesn't make money* (constant capital)+(variable capital)=(capital with surplus value) bourgeois reproductive (exchange value) done by women (no exchange value) -if women stopped doing housework and care work the economy would collapse -gendered housework -divide between what men and women do -men can delay their work, women can't -women's gender strategies -not about eradicating fundamental/institutional problems -about micro issues and negotiating between individual couples -find egalitarian husband and work will be shared (myth) -“play help” “fake illness” “threaten” -try to be “super mom” (not ideal/realistic) -move from full-time to part-time
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