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Sociology 2239
Young- Hwa Hong

Eugenics and Sterilization -Eugenics -in Greek means “good in birth” -concerned with the improvement of the human race -some people have negative traits, goal to remove these negative traits and promote only positive traits to be passed to future generations -people with superior genes seen to not produce enough offspring -people with negative genes producing too much -restrict those who can immigrate to prevent being overrun by inferior races and prevent racial mixing -believed whites mixing with colour would cause disabilities in offspring -solved by sterilization of inferior people -no scientific basis -everyone thought it was scientific because that's how it has advertised, prominent figure promoted it -caused discourses such as blood-type traits (fictional) -inter-group differences succeed intra-group differences -eugenics makes no sense -social Darwinism -animals survive through bloody competition and the strongest survive -survival of the fittest -justify unequal power relations -poor are stupid, weak, inferior -rich are smart, strong, superior -it's “natural” -family limitation: between socialism, capitalism and women's autonomy -hard for women to gain support for reproductive rights -women were producing many children because they didn't know how to use/we not allowed to
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