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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

th Soc of Deviance October 19 Theories of the Body and Mind and The Social Disorganization Perspective. Time to talk about Sigmund Freud ⁃ Psychoanalytic theory did influence deviant studies ⁃ Freud contributed to the world of the unconscious mind. ⁃ Id: Pleasure principle ⁃ Ego: The Reality ⁃ Superego: holds your morals ⁃ Freud says the only thing you are born with is the id, everything else you are socialized with. ⁃ Id is the survival instinct ⁃ The superego – includes societal expectation. Keeps the Id in check. ⁃ Ego – balances the two. ⁃ A criminal may not have the control from the superego and ego ⁃ Life instinct – Eros/ Libido: This is your sex drive, self preservation ⁃ Death Instinct – Our impulses toward self destruction ⁃ Freud argued these life and death instincts are always in conflict. People can develop issues like anxiety or substance abuse to deal with this conflict. ⁃ Idea of criminal superego – if your parents were criminals you may have a criminal superego. (Moral code) Psychopaths. What is a psychopathic personality? ⁃ Egocentric and superficial ⁃ Historically believed they were not empathic and could not feel remorse, some studies argue they can to an extent but is not the same as other people ⁃ Many psychologists began referring to psychopaths as sociopaths so as to acknowledge the important of social components in the development of personality disorder. ⁃ Perhaps environment has a lot to do with whether or not someone who has psychopathic personality will become deviant. ⁃ Not a lot of consensus of where it comes from. ⁃ Deviant or deficient in their interpersonal relationships and in self-control. ⁃ Very good at focusing and achievement. (Seem very controlled) ⁃ Prof says a lot of CEOs (etc) have the markers of a psychopaths ⁃ Been called predators because they blend so well and can mimic emotion. ⁃ Anti-social ⁃ Lack of shame, remorse, empathy (this is debated), ⁃ Do not recognize the risk of being caught. - This can be related to being ego centric (rules do not apply to me, or I will not get caught) ⁃ Colonel Russell Williams – head of air force base in Trenton. (Very high ranking at the base) convicted murderer and rapist. Forcible confinement. In jail now. Roommates with Paul Bernardo apparently – went to school together. ⁃ Would steal women's panties, wear them, take pictures, (stole underwear from girls as young as 9) ⁃ Escalated to sexual assault – was a hunter, watch to see if a women was alone, what their schedules were ⁃ Escalated to rape. Then murder. The Social Disorganization Perspective -Developed out of the Chicago School This is a perspective is a positivistic approach to deviance And the emphasis is on social pathology – Social sickness. Response to the individualistic, biological approach. This theory suggests that societies themselves can be sick and that is where deviance stems from. Emile Durkheim. - Founding father.... Deviance results from the instability resulting from social change – (1890s -1930s) At the end of the industrial revolution (which caused the extreme difference in social class) ⁃ Durkheim was influenced by social Darwinism. He saw society as an organism. Society can evolve over time. ⁃ Deviance was a natural part of society- according to Durkheim. Natural part of the organism. (Idea of prostitution keeping families together because men need more sex) ⁃ Deviance could be functional ⁃ Idea of societies moving from simple to complex. ⁃ Nature of deviance de
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