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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Film: Killing us Softly version 4 Women and Deviance  The Classic study of deviance was done by men about men (although studied prostitutes)  Social scientists assumed that what was true about men was true about women.  Men provided the standard to which everyone was studied  During supernatural era: madona vs witches  Classical era: women were outside rational thinking. Deviant women were normal women incapacitation by the hormones, or pregnant (babies made you crazy) or women who were too masculine.  Freud – penis envy, and hysteria – crazy due to ovaries  Functionalist – good housewife guide (as in the functionalist PowerPoint presentation, this guide outline it was a woman’s function to stay at home and serve the every whim of the husband. It emphasized that a good housewife knows her place.) Sexual division of labor was effective form of social organization (if you were not Mrs. clever your were deviant) Edwin Schur (interactionist perspective) ⁃ If masculinity is normal then Schur argues that: even when they are normal women are deviant ⁃ Anything that is not masculine is lesser than Patriarchy ⁃ Feminists (and now many other theorists) Argue that we live in a patriarchal society ⁃ Patriarchy – rule of the father Gender is socialized  Women are not born with feminine characteristics  They are learned in the process of socialization. System of Masculine Domination: Gender traits associated with masculinity are highly valued; those associated with femininity are devalued. Masculine ⁃ strong - protective ⁃ stoic - provider ⁃ dominant - rational ⁃ competition - fixers ⁃ large - violent ⁃ aggressive - power ⁃ testosterone - authority ⁃ brave - heterosexual Women ⁃ emotional - nature ⁃ fragile - beauty ⁃ fair - dependent ⁃ passive ⁃ nurturing Gender roles put women in a lose-lose position. If they are feminine they are subordinate but if they are not feminine they are deviant. Primary vs Auxiliary statuses Gender is a primary status for women Women are perceived and reacted to at least initially and often primarily in terms of their femaleness. Hyphenation phenomenon: “Lady-Doctor” Objectification ⁃ Categorical devaluation means treating people as objects ⁃ Little value as human persons ⁃ We make “kinds of people” 6 points that are central to objectification of women 1) Each woman is responded to primarily as a female 2) Women are seen as all alike – this means that they are substitutable for one another. Think abo
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