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Deep Politics

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Deep Politics: State Terror and September 11 th • Video – Youtube. 2461177575671329682# There have been incidents of state acts of terror throughout history 1. Emperor Nero: Said to have set fire to Rome. Blamed Christians for the fire. Forced confessions. 2. Hitler: Bombing of the Reichstag (parliament building) Hitler put through an anti-parliament act. Scare people to encourage people to give up civil liberties for protection and gives government extraordinary power. The government took all private firearms. German citizens who said no were killed. SWAT team perfected by Hitler. 3. Pearl Harbor – evidence suggests that Roosevelt knew it was going to happen but did not stop it. Ran for presidency on an anti-war agenda. This act gave a back door justification for entering the war. 4. 1960s – Northwoods document. This document shows a plan that the American government had to manufacture a war with Cuba. Things they could blame Cubans for to get civilian support. Sinking ships, bombing Washington. Decorate planes like Cuban planes – this is a false flag operation. You disguise yourself as the enemy. – Not found until 1990s. Kennedy denied the operation. Things like homeland security are new. Came after 9/11. Timothy McVeigh – Oklahoma city bombing. Structural damage suggests it could not have been caused by a lone car bomb. Any video footage of this was confiscated. C.Wright Mills: The Power Elite - Book about the power elite or “big three” Big Three - Government - Economy - Military They are likeminded in many ways, have same views, and come from same families. Once you get to the top they are interchangeable. In political and sociological theory: a small group off people who control a lot of power The Power elite - Share a common world view - Are characterized by consensus building - The homogenization of viewpoints - Elites circulate from sector to another – consolidating power as they go Marxism, Conspiracy and 9/11 - Conceptual distinction between those acts of the state that are public and open to investigation and those that are concealed secret and conspiratorial - Capitalists – they, like workers- get together. However they often do it in secret where workers do not. Capitalists conspire. - Capitalists deny conspiracies because it benefi
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