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Sociology 2259

Wrestling with Manhood: Boys, Bullying, and Battering Hegemonic Masculinity • Hegemonic Masculinity: ◦ Idealizing “traditional” masculine characteristics such as toughness and aggressiveness ▪ The wrestlers are suppose to represent the average men in society ◦ Subordinating women ▪ Demonstrates the heterosexuality of the men and are there to entertain the men ◦ Marginalizing homosexual men ▪ Any man who doesn't not fit the normative hetero-male standard they are marginalized • Dominant, cultural, normative ideal of masculinity in our society ◦ Subordinates anything else that is seen as deviant in this regard • Narrowly defines—within the institution of sorts, those who don't fir this “definition” of masculinity are considered deviant --> stigmatized Is this “Normal”? • Professional wrestling immunized from serious and sustained cultural analysis because of its surface appeal and the idea that it's “only entertainment” • Why is professional wrestling so popular? Why is it considered “normal”? • The popularity of professional wrestling reveals some of the norms, values, and moral codes that shape our attitudes and behaviour ◦ What are some of these “norms, values, and moral codes”? • Have you ever watched professional wrestling (presently/in the past)? What did you enjoy about it? • What do you make of the announcers in wrestling Happy & Escalating Violence • Mainstream debate about wrestling focuses on children imitating the violence • This often deflects out attention away from wrestling's more subtle and cumulative effects • Wrestling portrays “Happy Violence”: violence without injury/consequences • Paradox of Professional Wrestling: reality of violence disappears in wrestling because it seems so real • Why is this type of “violence” be not considered deviant? Making Men • Culture shapes and reflects our ideas about what it means to be a man or a woman • Reinforces what most men want to be like • Professional wrestling offers males in our society a traditional, conservative definition of masculinity that emphasizes: strength, intimidation, violence, and control of others • Professional wrestling MODELS how to be a man! ◦ All other definitions of masculinity become defines as the deviant • Stone Cold, while whipping Tazz, says, “You gotta learn about respect from Stone Cold Steve Austin,” while the Undertaker tells Micheal Cole that “fear and respect go hand-in-hand.” • Meanwhile, in the real world, the WWE sponsors a program that sends wrestlers to libraries and school to teach young people about respect • What do you think of this? Does it seem inconsistent to you? Homophobia • Professiona
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