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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Janary 20th

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Sociology 2259
Lauren Barr

thJanuary 20 2014 Pop CultureWhat is the desired purpose of the products clothes image that we create for others to seeNow goes beyond what is normalto what is idealWhat are the biggest musthaves of today for your age groupoTechnologyoBody image oSocial networking oNice house carWhat happens if you have themWhat happens if you dont have themHow does this message of cool change for different age cohortsDo you think cool matters as you get olderoYes 45oNo 55How do we construct what is cooloDocumentary Will be on owloMarketing groups to find a target audience and what they should see in order to purchase productoOnce something is cool people move on to the next thingoTrends change over timewe know people judge us based on our appearanceBody Image The Normal and Deviant BodyDo you judge people based on their appearanceoYes62oNo 4oYes in certain Circumstances35Physical AppearanceoVoluntary clothing hair body art makeupoInvoluntary Body shape visible disabilitiesoBoth WeightBodies tell us about the self identity formation and how people come to understand themselvesWhat influences our Body ImageThere are positive and negative influences that influence how we view our bodyoSocietyExpectationsReactions to certain peopleLaws that dictate what we can exposeExpectations placed on us in education and other social spheres oMediaWhat we seeWhat we are told to be
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