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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 january 27th

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Sociology 2259
Lauren Barr

thLecture 14January 27 2013Culture of Beauty Image Value SelfPerception and IdentityBody Image Is there a need for school based health intervention DunlopRobertsonChildren are taught acceptance based on appearancePoor body image by age 610oIm not tall enoughoI dont have the right bodyMedia and target marketing to blameoThrough the things they watch assumption of what they are to look likeoToys and things that are available to childrenBoys vs girlsHow do we shift focus on body imageoGive them positive reinforcement Causation of Bodu Weight DeviancesOverweight combination of factorsoLifestyle choicesoEmotional factorsoSaturation of culture with unhealthy foodAnorexiaoEgopsychological theories the image you believe you are to followoFamily systems theories is your family contributingto negative eating habitsoEndocrinological theories people whom are naturally thin part of biological makeupoSociocultural theories we live in a society where thin is in Did you knowEating disorders are more prevalent than breast cancer1 in 5 women struggle with disordered eating other disorders not just anorexia90 are between the ages of 12 and 2552 of females and 20 of males fastskip meals to control weightstrd42 of 13 grade girls want to be thinnerAnorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness Managing Weight Eating DisordersoAnorexia nervosa oBulimia oOrthorexia fixation with pure or right food Body Image Disorders oMuscle dysmorphic getting shredded any way possible
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