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Lecture 15

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Sociology 2259
Lauren Barr

rdLecture 15 February 3 2013 Alcohol Use Binge drinking in college 40 of students have engaged in binge drinking with the past two weeks oMore binge drinking among Traditional college students Members of fraternitiessororities College athletes College alcohol use has become more polarized oFacilitated by stringent college policies College binge drinking is not associated with later alcoholism oBut does have negative consequences Controlling binge drinking in college oprevention paradoxtargeting a very specific group of people Population prevention approaches may be the most effective in reducing harm Youth in CanadaIs it really as bad as they would like us to believeoOut of controloDisrespectfuloDangerousoAntiauthorityoCrime is expanding at an alarming rateThe Generation Gap Boom Bust and Echo Perceptions or Stereotypes oSexually active oSubstance abusing oMaterialistic oEmotional Awkward Anxious Confused oBehaviour Easily influenced Rebellious Rude Difficult At Risk Youth Has replaced troublingtroubled Identify youth who are at risk oSubject them to control efforts oAttempt to prevent troublingtroubled
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