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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Review: Classical Theories of Deviance

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

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Lecture 4 Review Classical Theories of DevianceClassical Period y Slow and contested change in thinking y Form supernatural beliefs about deviance to the notion of deviance as a rational calculation the deviant is a rational actor y The development from demonic to modern jurisprudence y Challenges the religious based beliefs of the demonic period y Deviance considered a rational calculation Thinkers of the Enlightenment y Deviance behaviour that eroded the greater good of society y Torture was futilenot means for salvation o Hurting peopletorturing people in the name of punishment was no longer acceptabley Deterrence was emerging as the new way to control deviance y Switch in thinkingreligion and science clashednew ideas were fighting the Church y Swift and certain punishment began to be enforcedy The cost of deviance would be higher than the individual pleasure gained by the deviant deterrence y The punishments given out during demonic period were now thought to be crimes themselves y System developed so that the people accused were not standing alonegiven a fair trialThe Classical Paradigm Rational hedonistic actor with free will Perception of Opportunity Assessment of probably risk Decision to conform or offend y Hedonistic pleasureseeking y Perception of opportunity the opportunity to conform or deviate y Assessment of probable risk the chance of someone getting away with deviance y Decision to conformoffend decide to conform or offendDemonic and Classical Perspectives ComparedDEMONIC CLASSICAL Time of dominance 14001700 17001800 Conception of deviance Evil Violation of Social Contract Explanation Moral Weakness open to Free will and Hedonism possession temptation Remedies Exorcism extreme torture death Imprisonment 5 Central Tenants of the Classical View 1 People are hedonistic o Seek pleasure and avoid pain
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