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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Review: Functionalist Strain Perspectives

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 8 ReviewFunctionalism y Dominant paradigm until the 1970s y Founding fatherEmile Durkheim y The view of society a smooth running machine y Deviance occurs when something in that smooth running machine breaks down y Society automatically includes deviance y By the 1950s functions had changed since the Chicago school used methods like ethnographies and ecological mapping y By the 1950s the Chicago school change dhow it studiesless descriptive and more theoreticalmore use of scientific methodDeviance y Was viewed as a natural product of the social order and symptomatic of a problem that must be corrected y Solution treatment and rehabilitation y Change the person and not the systemo Individualistic way of dealing with deviance o Changing the individual not the social structureconditions o Societys job is to take care of the deviance of society that doesnt fit o Society viewed in terms of an interconnected systemrequires all the parts that exist because f they werent required they wouldnt exist at all3 Main Points of Functionalism y Consensus o Assumed that what is good for some is good for everybody o Why functionalism is criticized legislative bodies making our decisions for us laws regulations etc that regulates our livesthese people assumes that their decisions are good for everybodyassumption that everybody should conform to these rules o Notion that when lawsregulations are assumed to be good for everybody oy Equilibrium o The system has to run smoothly in order for it to function o Controlling deviance by creating new rules to keep society conformingscared oy Status Quo o Keeping things the way they are o Dont fix what isnt broken way of thinking o When you think that your culture is perfect it is difficult not to see other cultures as inferiorView of the Individual y People are little pieces of the machine playing their own role in harmony o The function of a smooth operating society to shape each person to be a reflection of the society
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