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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Review: Subculture Social Learning Theories

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

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Lecture 9 ReviewSubculture and Social Learning Theories y Explain deviances as behaviour or ideas that are produced in subcultures and are transmitted through learning o Deviance doesnt come from social disorganization genetics etcpeople learn deviant behaviour y Subcultures are groups of people who reject in many ways the influence and normas of the dominant culture o Ex Goths biker gangs drug dealers prisoners nerds etcIn Terms of Deviance y Subcultures often involve values and norms that deviate from the perspective of the wider culture y How subcultures differentiate from the collective culture o Argot Insider languagedevelop their own language that brings the group closer together and defines boundaries to keep outsiders outJustifications and excuses people use to neutralize the demands of o Vocabularies of motivesdominant culture music peace communitySimilar clothing and body language to have a common collective o Clothing and body languageamong the subgroup Goth bikers o Beliefs and norms Just because youre a member of a subculture doesnt mean there isnt a confliction within the subcultures in terms of beliefs and normsvary considerably within subcultures o Mutually supporting n
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