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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Review: Interaction Theories of Deviance

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 10 ReviewFor other theories deviancecontrol y Social control is the response to deviance y Ignoring the people who ignore the categories of devianceFor Labeling Theory controldeviance y Social control and creating categories of deviance produced devianceSocial Reaction to an Individual will Produce Deviance y Labeling has to do with societal reaction to particular behaviour and the subsequent reaction of the labelee to the label o Labeling theories often focus on the understood o The people who study this are supporters of the people that they studytaking the perspective of the deviant oy Labeling someone or some behaviour as deviant is a process involving o Interpretation of deviance how a situation behaviour or act is understoodhow we understand something is the first step in terms of what forms of reaction swill happenReactions are based on our standpoint everything that has influenced who you are sex age culture religion etc that develops our moral view o Meaning of deviance Meanings we put on people behaviours actsprovide us with the basis of how we create the identities of people and how we behavecategorizingplacing characteristics on someone that you think they o Attribution of deviancewould have based on the labelFrame what people are like based on the label of deviant y Deviance is therefore a human creation and a social construction that emerges out of integration meaning and becomes real and effects subsequent eventsHistory y Foundation Symbolic Interactionism y Charles Horton Cooley developed the theory of the social selfThe Looking Glass Selfo Made up of 3 pointsHow individuals imagine they appear to othersHow they believe others judge their appearanceHow they develop feelings of shame or pride based on these o Said the social self is the root cause of ALL behaviour deviant or not o When we see ourselves reflected in the people around us we get messages o Once you internalize how you are seen in the world you often perpetuate this o More likely to become deviant when given a negative lookingglass y Georgre Herbert Mead our social self is developed through the interaction between the I and the Me o This is based on the notion that we are able to see ourselves as both the subject and objecto The ability of seeing ourselves as ourselves subject but we also have the ability to see ourselves how other people do object o The importance of society through the development of the self o Allows for individuals to adopt the individualized others but still be unique entitiesThe I and the Me y When we initiate social action the self operates as a subject I
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