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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Review: Social Control Theories of Deviance

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 12 ReviewSocial Control Theories of Deviance y The question Why do people commit crime Is transformed with Social Control Theories to Why dont more people do it y Control Theories assume that everyone is capable of deviance y Deviance is alluring and exciting and an easy route to goal attainment y Whether people engage in it depends on the effectiveness of controlsuggests people can be born deviantborn with the ability to deviant but its social control that keeps us in conforming behaviourSocial Control Theories y We are all born deviants o Similar to biological explanationsassume people have drives and needs that have to be restrained y When social control works it creates CONFORMITY when it fails it does not necessarily create deviance it just provides the individual with opportunities to choose a deviant patho Barriers or the lack of barriers rather than the nature of the drives themselves y Focus Socialization and Supervision o The 2 aspects of life that are supposed to keep people in a desire to conform rather than deviatethe roots where social conformity comes from y Back in the realm of Positivism o The theoreticalfoundationalphilosophical background which social control theories are executed o Different between qualitativequalitative o Same methodologies as natural science in terms of studying the social worldTravis Hirschi Social Bond Theory y Why arent you a criminal o The more positive bonds you have with people limits criminal activityless likely to commit criminal behaviour because you have meaningful relationships with others y Answer A stake in conformity o Similar to hedonismy Deviance occurs when social bonds become weak or broken o Or never develop to begin with o When we do deviate we have a lot to looserelationships with others freedom etco Sanctions attached to deviance when you dont choose to have as take in conformity o If you tend to care about what people think of youyou tend not to deviate and vice versa o Firmly bonded to society y Fundamental bias in this theory towards the ideal family o Heterosexual couple married white stay at home moms while dad works 25 kids upper middle class etc o Implies anything other than that is not idealHirschi 4 Main Types of Bonds 1 Attachment y Attachment to o Significant others o Emotion ties we have to other people we call reference others use as standards for our own behaviour
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