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Guest Lecture: Attachment Theory

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Guest Lecture Attachment TheoryJohn BolwbyAttachment Theory y Psychological connection between 2 human beings y Earliest bonds formed an infancyaffects your entire lifeMary AinsworthStrange Situation y Assesses infant attachment styles y Controlled procedure where the parent leaves child alones twice and reunited y Observer assesses the childs response when adult leaves and reunitesy Tells us attachment style of childMary MainAdult Attachment Interview y Assess adult through series of questions that tells us attachment style of adultAttachment strategies developed during infancy shape hoe we view ourselves and how we interact within attachment relationships Therapeutic Parenting Program takes parents current attachment strategy and uses interventions to develop or support secure attachmentAttachment is manifested through patterns of behaviour but the patterns themselves do not constitute attachment Attachment is internal and serves as a filter for the reception and interpretation of interpersonal experiences and as a kind of template shaping the
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