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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Review

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 17 Masculinity and DevianceGender NormsMale DevianceMasculinity is associated with control reason aggression etcAll of these things are highly valued traits in our cultureMasculinity is anything Not feminine To be feminine and be a man is deviantTo Do Feminine Work is DeviantWhat do we as people in this culture tend to think of men who do traditionally defined female work Like nursingMasculinityThe only legitimate emotion is RAGESocialization into masculinity is socialization into being a WARRIOR the ideal maleLittle boys heros are usually some variation of the warrior they learn to fight for what they wantprotectuse forceviolenceperseverance SuperheroesBoys first ideas of warriors are superheroes little boys are idolizing large masculine muscular superheroesUsing as their foundation of what it means to be masculineWarriorIs a sign of strength bravery defending what you have whether that is a nation or a family or a job or your honourIt is also a symbol that represents PHYSICA
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