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Lecture 3

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Pre-scientific Deviance Lecture 3 Before scientific enlightenment, people thought of deviance as both causal and supernatural. Some older examples: - Adam and Eve - Pandora’s Box - Lot’s Wife turning into a pillar of salt In your spare time  look up the book of slovenly peter Some newer examples: - Little red riding hood - Boy who cried wolf The Trickster - Generally male - Practical joker  bugs bunny - It’s a fox a lot - Embodies the paradox of deviance  attractive but bad West African - Anansi - Papa Legba  someone passed away, papa legba would let you talk to the spirit world  sweet Contemporary Legends - Claim to be based on fact rather than fiction or fantasy - Often designed to express fear or desire for more social order (or sometimes they’re just funny) - Proctor and Gamble (logo)  apparently supported the church of Satan  hilariously badass The Demonic Perspective - Deviance wasn’t thought of a social problem - It wasn’t mental of physiological - There were no coincidences either o Regarded as acts of the supernatural o Devil turned people into deviants - Always good vs. evil  binary thinking Pagan as Deviant - Dominant religions try to discredit other religions by turning their gods and rituals into demonic entities and practices… - The burning times Pantheistic world view - The doctrine that regar
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