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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Subculture and Social Learning Theories of Deviance Lecture 8 Culture: all the things you need to know to be a member Subculture and Social Learning Theories - Explain deviance as “behaviour or ideas that are produced in subcultures and are transmitted through learning” - Subcultures are groups of people who reject in many ways the influence and norms of the dominant culture o Coexist within dominant culture ~ Look into culture jamming ~ Also look up dead-heads  sounds groovesville In Terms of Deviance - Subcultures often involve values and norms that are deviant from the perspective of the wider culture 1) Argot  subcultures have their own language  insider language (ex. noob, nugs) a. it’s a way of keeping outsiders out b. builds group cohesion 2) Vocabularies of motives a. Justifications of people in subcultures that neutralize the demands of dominant cultures b. Ex. reasons for gang members being assholes, within their subculture they think mugging old ladies is tough 3) Clothing and body language and symbols a. People’s “swagger” and appearance 4) Beliefs and norms a. There are variants within a subculture 5) Mutually supporting networks a. Rely on other members of your culture for your support b. The group will support itself unless the whole group changes c. Someone usually has to leave a subculture to be “cured” of deviance Blaming Subcultures and Stereotypes - Stereotyping exaggerates cultural differences and treat whole groups as deviants - In most cases, the stereotypes are poor representations of the real behaviour of most members of the group - This can and does impede on the notion of a fair hearing Differential Association - Edwin Sutherland o From the Chicago school - Question: why do some people become deviants and some not? o Deviance is learned as is conformity - People pick up on how certain topics are regarded from (I would imagine) people you respect o When you’re a child your parents, older friends/siblings Deviance For Sutherland - Is a normal part of being a member of a subculture where there are “excessive definitions favourable to violations of the law” o There’s a set of libra scales where one side is the law and then the other side is subculture norms - Definitions are normative meanings assigned to behaviour - They define an action or pattern of actions as either right or wrong Definitions can be - Favourable to actions that violate law - Unfavourable to actions that violate the law - And they can also come in the form of non-verbal expressions of approval or disapproval - Most of us are exposed to both kinds of definitions o Told to respect authority, but also told to respect people who stand up for themselves o Think of Beverly Hills Cop  “a maverick cop who takes the law into his own hands dun dun dunnn” - We are shaped by the preponderance of one or the other kinds of definit
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