Sociology 1020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: The Takeaway

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Second Sem Week 8 Environmental Sociology
Lecture Summary
3 ways to infer to the environment
1. Capitalism - future commodities (universal exchange value - money)
Selling for a surplus
2. Enlightenment - humans are rational beings, nature is not rational
Nature is chaotic and we try to control it
Reason and science to understand how nature works
Constrained - economy is based on the environment, we are not in
constraint anymore
3. Results - how the environment works and how we can change it (not always
Humble - saw nature as a global force
E.g. melting of the ice caps
Helping the environment - change the ways of living
E.g. colonize space - drill for fossil fuels doesn’t do well for the environment)
E.g. figure out renewable techniques
Big sociological question: how do we actually make people care??
People deny that climate change is happening
Legal language - going against our rights
Reading Sociology Summaries
Chapter 54: Does a Place Like This Still Exist? Remaking Economic Identity in Post-Resource
Production (farming, agriculture) to consumption (tourism)
Some cities can make this change and some can’t - confusing to try and change cities that
actually can’t
Contained places - not part of the global market, it’s own market
Bella Coola - self sufficient city to make themselves unique, giving them purpose
Port Hardy - ferry to the islands
Takeaway- not victims of change, authors of what comes next
Chapter 59: ‘How Can You Decide about Us Without Us?’:
)ithout a world government, we need to rely on multiple sites of governance that don’t
typically agree with each other)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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