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Lecture 8

Sociology 1025A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Karla Homolka, Restorative Justice, Criminology

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SOC 1025A/B
Lauren Barr

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Perspective is an Interesting thing
Ed Crawford at a protest regarding Michael Brown. He is
wearing the US shirt, picked it up simply to avoid it and
throw it away as far as he can because he is afraid and so
Crime Control Through Punishment
- Punishment as retribution: reacting to the violations against what the society values the
most. Paul Bernado and Karla Homolka Case. Retribution in school: you don’t get to
go out for recess, cafeteria duty, detention, zero tolerance (a fight happens and both sides
into trouble, bullying as a building up thing)
- Punishment as deterrence: it also to deter anyone else who is thinking of commit the
o People are rational decision makers
o Punishment must be prompt, severe, and certain: at the time or as close to the time
as possible we have the system…
- Punishment to protect society: we want them gone, to ensure the safety of the society…
- Punishment to rehabilitate: but people usually come out worse it is working?. Prison
got people working to get them life skills, to pay for their foods and so on so forth;
others think that it might be a form of slavery. Criminal records to get into jobs,
applying for passport, traveling…
What does it seem our Canadian justice system is here to do? we are not good in keeping
people out of prison…
Alternatives to Prison
- Abolitionists call for dismantling the criminal
justice system:
- Many criminologists advocate for restorative
justice repair harm and rebuild relationships: for
anything deviant has happened, harm has happened,
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therefore you have to repair harm, if you have to do it face-to-face to get the most
- Case of people being killed, how come there will be a way to fix it???
Can be seen during elections.
From the video clip: Portugal decriminalize all drugs (the fact that putting them into jail
cannot help with the addiction, therefore help should be provided rather than putting them
in jail…); the humane jail in Norway is “paradise vacation” result in the lower rate of
recivism people getting back to jail people think that it’s crazy why?
Theorizing Deviance Objectively: who is most likely to commit a certain type of crime, etc
- Functionalist Theories
o What’s happening that leads to a certain crime goes high…?
- Social Learning Theories
o Most of them are innately good, generally good, not evil.
o They learnt it somehow: certain people have “easier” time to get to know
deviant acts you see it and expose to it, you are more likely to become a
- Social Control Theories
o Question human beings
o Assume that most of us would do something if there is no consequence. We are
impulsive: for example: we know there is no consequence, we will cheat on a
Theorizing our perceptions of reactions to deviance
- Of interest to those with more subjective views
- Theories
o Interpretive theories interactionist perspective, labelling and stigmatization
o Critical theories conflict, postmodern, feminist: who has the power, who sets
the laws…
Foucault: Beings monitored leads to self-surveillance: believing that someone is watching keeps
you in line: panopticon control: camera in stores…
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