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Sociological Research

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Sociology 2105A/B

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Sociological Research - Science refers to the application of systematic methods of observation to obtain knowledge and the knowledge obtained by those methods. - Science possesses the following four elements: 1) Objective procedures 2) Precise measurement 3) Full disclosure and replication 4) Empirically falsifiable propositions Non-scientific Ways of Knowing • Authority • Media Myths • Tradition • Common Sense • Personal Experience • Faith The Research Process • Selecting a Topic • Defining the Problem • Reviewing the Literature • Formulating a Hypothesis • Choosing a Research Method • Collecting the Data • Analyzing the Data • Reporting the Results Components of Scientific Theory - Research questions (or propositions): statements that inter-relate two or more variables. - Hypothesis: a testable formulation of a research question. - Theory: a set of logically inter-related propositions that explain some process or set of phenomenon in a testable fashion. - Validity: the extent to which an operational definition measures what it was intended to measure - Reliability: the extent to which research produces consisten
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