Sociology 2105A/B Lecture Notes - White Southerners, Tiger Woods, Oscar Lewis

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1 Feb 2013

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Redlining is the pattern of discrimination against people trying to buy homes in minority and racially
changing neighborhoods.
• Research finds that in twenty-five metropolitan areas, housing agents showed fewer housing units to
Blacks and Latinos, steered them to minority neighborhoods, and gave them less assistance in finding
housing that met their needs. Other recent studies reveal that lenders are more likely to turn down a
mortgage request from a minority applicant than from an equally qualified White and that lenders give
minority applicants far less assistance in filling out their forms.
• People in predominantly minority neighborhoods have also found that service deliverers refuse to go
into their area. This service redlining covers everything from parcel deliveries to repair people to food
Environmental Racism
Environmental racism refers to the overwhelming likelihood that toxic-producing plants and toxic
waste dumps are located where poor people, especially racial minorities, live.
• The irony of the poor having to sacrifice to the most harmful environmental problems is that they are
not the pollutersthe affluent are. The wealthy drive excessively; travel in jet planes; have large, air-
conditioned homes; consume large quantities of resources (conspicuous consumption); and have the
most waste to dispose.
Exclusion of Minorities in Social Clubs
• A particularly insulting form of discrimination seemed finally to be on its way out in the late 1980s.
Many social clubs had limitation forbidding membership to racial/ethnic minorities and women. For
years, exclusive clubs argued that they were merely selecting friends, but in fact, a principal function of
these clubs is as a forum to transact business.
• Memberships are restrictive organizations remain perfectly legal. The rise to national attention as
professional golfer Tiger Woods made the public aware that there were at least twenty-three golf
courses he would be prohibited from playing by virtue of race. In 2002, women’s groups tried
unsuccessfully to have the golf champion speak out as the Master’s and British Open played on courses
closed to women as members.
The Glass Ceiling
• Discrimination persists for even the well-educated and those who come from the best family
backgrounds. As subordinate group members are able to compete successfully, they sometimes
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