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Sociology 2105A/B
Catherine Corrigall- Brown

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Introduction-Lecture 1 Society - Oct 1987 Margaret Thatcher said there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. - do you agree? no. does not go into depth about community and communications between other individuals What is Sociology the systematic study of human society - but what is society? What is Society? Society is the largest scale human group that shares a common geographic territory and culture, which is based on common institutions and social interaction. Society exists on a collective, abstract level - you cannot directly see it but you feel its power and influence How do we understand the relationship between individuals and society? - example:suicide rates Suicide - suicide is an individual act and decision - traditionally studied from a psychological perspective (depression, personality, etc.) BUT rates of suicide differ across countries and are very different for men and women - Why? Emile Durkheim-Suicide - societies have higher (or lower) rates of suicide because of certain features of the society as a whole - individuals might have propensities to commit suicide, but only do so in certain contexts - level of integration: level of regulation 1:Social Integration - Individuals need to be integrated into society - understand interests beyond own personal needs - not integrated: egoistic suicide - Protestants vs. catholics (catholics are more integrated in society) catholics less likely to commit society because more integrated - married vs. unmarried (unmarried more likely, live long and apart by themselves, you are not part of the norm) - educated vs. uneducated (when your educated your more open to a wider range of ideologies)
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