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Sociology 2140 Lecture Notes - Blue-Collar Worker, Hierarchical Organization

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SOC 2140
Darlene Balandin

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Exam Review:
Chapter 7
Chapter 9
Chapter 8
Chapter 10
Chapter 5
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
White Collar Work:
Office work that tends to be cleaner
Administrative and sales
33% of the working pop.
Historically  decline in blue collar work and a rise in white collar work
- bureaucratization – formalization of the work industry
- rationalization
Clerical Work
Accounting, banking, fiancé and insurance, etc…
Clerical is at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy
Lowest levels of education
Skill is often limited, not a lot of oppurnity to further your skill
Female dominated – exception of shippers
Lowest level of earnings
Complexity and perplexity are low
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