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Lecture 4

Sociology 2140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Smoke Inhalation

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SOC 2140
Gale Cassidy

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Canadian Cannabis Legalization
History of Cannabis Prohibition
-used historically as early as 4000 BC: ritual, medicinal uses and hemp finer!
-relatively uncommon in the West until 19th century !
1923: prohibited in Canada!
1972: Le Dain Commission recommends repeal of prohibition !
2000: R v Parker enables legal medical use!
2003: First attempt to decriminalize!
2018: Cannabis legalized Canada-wide !
Why Prohibition: Actual Risks
-can interfere with adolescent brain development (<18-25 y/o)!
-long-term and chronic use can cause cognitive impairment and exacerbate mood disorders!
-can precipitate psychosis!
-smoke inhalation of any kind increases cancer risk!
American Context: Disguised Slavery
In US, slavery was repealed with notable caveat: “except as punishment for a crime”!
-estimates suggest rates of drug use are similar between racial populations, yet minorities
more frequently prosecuted for drugs!
Social Harms of Cannabis Prohibition
-racialized prosecution and incarceration!
-impairs factual info about risks and benefits!
-black market issues!
-lost tax revenue and undue law enforcement expense!
-calls law into question!
-unable to enjoy benefits: medical, recreational, spiritual !
Cannabis became legal on oct 17th 2018 where provinces can add additional restrictions:!
-ontario legal age: 19!
-distribution and production restricted to licensed bodies!
-smoking restricted similarly to tobacco!
Federal government considering fast-tracking pardons for possession !
Percentage of Canadians aged 15+ who smoke from 1965-2010 decreased significantly !
Western Plans to Ban Smoking on Campus
Smoking policy survey 2016!
-42,620 email questionnaires sent, apport 3,250 students/sta/faculty!
-identified as light or regular smokers (13%)!
-a smoke-free campus (76% positive move)!
Current smoking policy eective?!
44% no, 50% or more yes/somewhat
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